selected articles by Frank DiGiacomo
articles from Vanity Fair by Frank DiGiacomo

The Game Has Changed
March 2008

John Mellencamp: One from the Heartland
February 2007

The Esquire Decade
January 2007

The Gossip Behind the Gossip
December 2004

articles from The New York Observer by Frank DiGiacomo

Puff Daddy’s Black and White Ball ’98
December 3, 2006

The Bling of Comedy
February 8, 2004

Baldwin Aroused
November 30, 2003

Triumph Sniffs a Hit
October 19, 2003

Jack Carter Smothers Brothers at Rip-Roaring Friars Roast
October 12, 2003

It’s 10 P.M. Where’s John Roland?
September 14, 2003

Zevon’s The Wind Amazing Testament to Soul’s Honesty
August 17, 2003

Vincent Gallo’s Bunny Top
June 8, 2003

Oscars at War: A Sombre Party, a Gentler Glitz
March 30, 2003

The Decline of Roman’s Empire
October 6, 2002

Conan O’Brien Is Mr. Emmy
September 22, 2002

The Monster’s Ball
March 31, 2003

Look Who’s Back at 67: Gentle Leonard Cohen
October 14, 2001

‘Why Have a Night Like This in Times Like These?’
October 1, 2001

Never Say Never-Land
September 16, 2001

Paul Shaffer Roasts Belzer as Big Stars Stink Up the Joint
June 17, 2001

Who’s the Boss?
April 15, 2001

Slouching Toward Hollywood
April 1, 2001

To Live and Dine in N.Y.
March 25, 2001

Requiescat in Pace, Henny Youngman: Comedy Meritocracy Rises at Friars
October 15, 2000

Terence Stamp Thinks About Hindi, Cary Grant and a Good Steam at the New York Athletic Club
October 1, 2000

The Oscars Enter the New Century!
April 2, 2000

Meet the Excellent and Wise Mr. K., Manservant to Lawyer Richard Golub
February 27, 2000

Friars Club Roast of Jerry Stiller in Its Filthy, Uncensored Glory
October 10, 1999

John Kennedy, New Yorker
July 25, 2000

Hothead Comedy Genius Pat Cooper Outlasts All Those Show-Biz Phonies
May 2, 1999

A Tense Best-Picture Victory for the Miramax Mogul Who Stormed Oscar Beach
March 28, 1999

March 29, 1998

For Downtown Director Vincent Gallo, Fame Is a License to ‘Trash Everybody’
March 15, 1998

Revenge of the NBC Nerds
January 18, 1998

David Tang’s Big Publicity Trick Pits Sleeksters Against the Cops
November 30, 1997


Me and Mr. Johnson
Here’s a link to my latest feature in Vanity…

And Featuring Scarlett Johansson in the Role of…Angelina Jolie
Following last night’s screening of Gomorra, an invitation-only crowd…

See Naples and Die of Heartbreak
If you have any connection to Italy, be it…

P.S. Elliott
This past summer, I wrote a profile of comic…

If You See Something, Say Something (to the Girl in the Hot Chiffon Top)
The police presence at my local subway stop was…


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